EADS, or European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is the second largest defense company in the world with revenues of over 30 billion euros. It owns, among other companies, Airbus, which is the make of the gigantic A380. It also created the Eurofighter and is competing for the U.S. Tanker bid worth about 100 billion dollars. It is the true European company.
Jack: Yo, I saw EADS is working on a stealth combat drone that can do Air to Air fights.
Daniel: Wow, Boeing is gonna shit their pants.
by Smartaz January 31, 2006
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An amazing person with an EXTRA LARGE SIZE SUPER DUPER AMAZING BIG COCK. They love s3x and m00z pr0nz
That guy is the size of EADES!
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Typically, the last name of gay blonde kids. Usually drives girl cars.
Girl: Omfg, did you see that kid in that blue Hyundai Accent? He must be an Eade.

Uber Dude: Is that RAYMOND?

Girl: Yeah, what a fag.
by Jacob Gayer May 14, 2008
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v. ead (eed), ead·ing, ead·s

To listen to an audiobook
What are you listening to? I'm eading "50 shades of grey."
by Mintsauce October 12, 2012
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I made a rude comment to Jacob, all he replied was #ead
by Sagerat March 7, 2018
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An abbreviation for, and a way to say "eat a dick" to a knobhead or imbecile.
"Hey Schnick! ead!"
by moistdoodoopuss January 30, 2012
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it either means rolling around in a object outdoors, or a feeling of betrayal depending on context.
person 1: "i eaded all the grass!!"
person 2: "now you have grass stains on your jeans.."
person 2: "i kinda feel eaded.."
person 1: "hopefully you feel better soon"
by siscoo October 1, 2022
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