to have a large lump on ya head.
ahah he ran into the wall, it left a huge coco on ya ead!
by Sonny Lawrence March 29, 2006
Your nan has a head of hair in the shape of a bowl.

Generally used as insult/conversation killer.
Person A: Yo
Person B: Shut up fam your nan's got a bowl 'ead
Person A: * Silence*
by Your ban's got a nowl 'ead November 10, 2013
An incredibly short version for 'Eat a dick' which is slang all the brain dead millennials use to roast each other
I hope you ead
by Some Otaku June 2, 2018
ead means eat a dick i can say this when i am arguing w some one
bitch you can ead
by April 29, 2022
"My boss is such a jerk. He can go EAD!"
by geeneou5 August 18, 2017
ember eades are generally nice peices of poo, with green bums.

ember eades mainly feed on donkey tails and frogs balls.
Look at that creature, by the way it acts, it looks like it must be an Ember Eade!
by pilpydoe June 29, 2011