An extreme high where you space at certain inervals; There are long and short duces.
LJ and Erica had such short duces (duced as hell) that they couldn't remember 2 seconds before.
by wiserm July 24, 2009
walk up on them with a duce duce
by john October 24, 2004
noun-22 inch wheels
I got that new benz truck sittin on duce duces.
by Jay January 25, 2004
Twenty-two caliber handgun, small comcealable fire arm,5 or 6 shot revolver.
Hey nigger are you bringing your duce-duce to the party, said Fred.
by concrete Doug May 10, 2006
The act of expelling excrement from ones anus, usually on a toilet.
I was just in the bathroom duceing when I realized there was no toilet paper.
by McMonkeyPunch March 23, 2009