Jas: I got shotgun!
Liz: I got Rifle!!
Erin: FUCK I wanted that seat 😤
by Jazzy5630 December 19, 2018
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The grooves cut inside a barrel of a gun to spin the bullet as moves through it.
by Kiuttagh August 24, 2005
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The radio call given by military pilots when a AGM-65 Maverick is fired.
by Colin Ritter August 6, 2003
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A mean little peice of equipment used in colorguard
man that bitch hit me with her rifle yesterday!

dude i totally threw that rifle and it came flying at me!
by Paige October 20, 2004
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NATO radio brevity code used to signify the release of an air-to-ground missile, such as the AGM-65 Maverick.
Nail four-one, rifle.
by ThexLoneWolf May 22, 2022
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I`m gonna rifle her drawers.

I rifled her last night. She was good.
by MC Timmy G June 22, 2006
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1. A term to describe sexual intercourse
2. Usually used when seeing an attractive lady and describing what you would like to do with her
1. I rifled your sister last night.
2. Your mum is well fit, I'd rifle her.
by Levo April 18, 2004
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