£10 worth of weed bruva.
i got dis here tenner blud lets get me an enfield north london benz
by dangeezy December 4, 2007
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a bag of weed usually bought for £10, weights vary from 1.4g to 1.7g
person1: yo homie, u got any weed?
person2:nah, but im pikin up a benz in a minute :)
by jakue June 1, 2007
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A benz is a Mercedes-Benz, a fine german car
My benz has 22" twinkies on it!
by Kazi May 1, 2002
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A vehicle aimed more towards comfort and durability than a comparable BMW, rendering the pointless arguments about whose car can "smoke" whose meaningless.

Durability may be brought into question, as more recent models have been possessed of dubious build quality as compared to older models.
Yeah, your BMW is faster than my Benz. Whoops! Pothole. Hope your ass isn't broken.
by SquizzleBizzle November 6, 2007
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A fine german automobile, but does not have the performance of a BMW or Porsche. Dont take my word for it, read any R&T or Car & Driver.
Person 1: "I would like to buy a nice car."

Person 2: "Well dont settle for a Mercedes when you can buy a BMW."
by zimzimma July 18, 2003
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i car that can never keep up with a bmva, bmw
oh shit that bmw just smoked my benz
by []D[][]v[][]D May 13, 2003
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