saying bye, originates from putting up two fingers.
im bout to hit it, duces
by Sammy AKA fame "gettin up" February 1, 2005
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Duces: the act of telling one that you are about to take a leave of abcence derived from (Peace) or Chuckin the Duces(putting up two fingers ie=peace
Man1:Hey, I've done all my work and I even did back up, so Imma get out of here okay.
Man2: okat that's fine tanks for all you work
Man1"no problem Bro
Man2:see ya
by PROD!-G January 21, 2008
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When a stupid white girl in 8th grade leaves a classroom and puts up too fingers and makes some weird expression and says duces.
While making a weird facial expression a white girl yells duces trying to act gangster.

by A&Aducesss December 10, 2008
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a card game often called duces wild
let's play some duces
by arnise January 20, 2006
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walk up on them with a duce duce
by john October 24, 2004
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