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A handgun with a rotating magazine containing ammunition. They were the first handguns capable of repeated fire. They usually hold between 5 and 10 rounds.

While semi-automatics are more popular due to the larger ammo capacity, revolvers still exist due to their firepower and reliability. Revolvers are also somewhat more popular as hunting weapons, where large, magnum rounds are highly appreciated, and as self-defence weapons, where the increased reliablity is an advantage.

It is also worth noting that very few revolvers can be effectively silenced, one exception being the Nagant M1895.
The Colt Peacemaker, Webley Revolver, and S&W Model 500 are good examples of revolvers.

If your semi-automatic jams, you are screwed. If your revolver jams, rotate the cylinder and fire again.
The .500 S&W and the .454 Casull are good examples of very powerful cartridges used mostly with revolvers.
by .460 September 06, 2006
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The Beatles greatest album.
Came out in 1966.

Features songs like: Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, For No One, Tomorrow Never Knows, and Got To Get You Into My Life.

In other words: Some good music.
Me: I got The Beatles' Revolver today.
Rap Fan: You got a gun from The Beatles?

*I kick the shit out of the rap fan*
by SuperSonicX August 22, 2004
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1966 album by one of the -- if not THE -- greatest bands of all time, The Beatles. Should get more overall influential credit than Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream...
by Un Sporko Magnifico June 04, 2005
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A personal gun that was the earlier version of the pistol.
Basically, a usually small that has a wheel in its middle, which can be opened and bullets, up to six, can be inserted into.
It was used very commonly before the 20th century, before the pistol was invented.
If you want to see revolvers in action, watch western movies.

One of the big advantages of the revolver over the pistol, is that you can't play the popular game Russian Roulette with a pistol.
-Dude, check out my new revolver!
-Nice, but why didn't you buy a pistol intead? It is much more useful.
-Shut the f**k up! Revolvers rule!
by Urban_Fellow May 26, 2006
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a word you say at the bar for a series of six shots of what ever alcoholic drink you want
"Give me a revolver of vodka"
by ceza March 18, 2008
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A drink prepared with six shots of espresso
Barista (with a hint of fake cheer): Good morning! Can I help you?

Patron (exhausted, tired, and groggy, generally looking like a sack of used ass): "Hey, this day is dragging, give me a revolver so I can kill it."
by HenryBowman May 14, 2015
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To consume excessive quantities of food. Generally the food consumed is high in calories and fat content.

Derived from the common practice of paying for an all you can eat buffet and lingering for several hours, getting plates of food in a revolving door fashion.
As soon as I drop a load and get rid of those last three plates I inhaled, I'm going to revolver the shit out of the desert table.
by notrotund August 16, 2010
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