When someone is very blunt. The comment comes across as cold, mean, disrespectful, insulting or a burn.
Me: I just got a new hair cut what do you think?
You: Don't worry it'll grow out.
Me: Dry
by KorrieKarlKayKarlene July 06, 2017
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1. when a girl is not aroused, therefore; dry in her vaginal area.
2. a. when there are no drugs/alcohol/cigarettes available at the time.
b. when a person doesn't have any drugs/alcohol/cigarettes.
1. man, she was so dry it was hard to finger her.
2. a. i can't get a hold of anything. this bumfuck town is so dry.
b. how are we gonna have a party when were so dry?
by eP!c motherfuck. December 04, 2008
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Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) is a process philosophy aimed at reducing duplication, particularly in computing - aka Once and Only Once or Single Point of Truth (SPOT). The principle states that information should not be duplicated, because duplication increases the difficulty of change, may decrease clarity, and leads to opportunities for inconsistency. DRY is a core principle in "The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas.
Why didn't you put that piece of code in a function? DRY!
by JR-Fire September 10, 2007
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In Scotland, it's dry if it's not raining. It could have been raining for days on end but as soon as it stops it's classed as being dry.
Look, the rain's stopped. It's dry now.
by Sparky22 May 08, 2005
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