1. Excitement, hype, cool gossip, thrill, joy, exhileration, tantilizing!

2. Something that creates excitement, hype or a thrill!

3. Something that generates hype, cool gossip, talk, exciting rumors.

Alt. Definitions:
4. A haircut, usually more specifically a very short haircut, crewcut, or a haircut that cuts off all the hair with a quick military style trimmer, leaving only short stubble.

5. To clip, to cut, to shave, to snip, to remove, to mow

6. Short, bald, shaved, cut off, clipped, shorn

7. Phone call (or sometimes an email or text message)

8. To call on the telephone, email or text message, to give a "ring" or a "jingle"

9. Vibrating sound or noise, hum, jolt (as in electricity)

10. High (as in from alcohol or drug use) or euphoria (a feel great state produced naturally--perhaps by an adrenaline rush--or artificially through the use of an alternative substance including caffeine or other legal or illegal substances.
Example for Definitions 1-3:

A popular photographer in Merrill, WI, uses the phrase "Catch the Buzz" to elicit excitement and generate hype about her photos.

Example for Definition 4:
Guy 1: "Hey, man, why'd you shave off all your hair?"
Guy 2: "Didn't you hear? I joined the Army, so they gave me a complimentary regulation buzz!"

Example for Definition 5:
Son: "Dad, can I go downtown to play basketball with the guys?"
Dad: "Sure. But not until AFTER you buzz the lawn."

Example for Definition 6:
Girl 1: "Can you believe Ashley cut off ALL her hair?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, she got a buzz cut for St. Baldricks to support cancer research! I've got to give her a lot of credit. That takes GUTS!"

Example for Definition 7:
Teen #1: "What are you doing tonight?"
Teen #2: "I'm not sure yet. But I'll give you a buzz later, ok?"

Example for Definition 8:
Girlfriend: "So, are we going to the movie Saturday night?"
Boyfriend: "I'm not sure yet. I'll buzz you when I find out and we can talk about it then."

Example for Definition 9:
Can you hear that buzz? I think we have a fly in the car.

Example for Definition 10:
Worker 1: "I am so tired this morning. I didn't get any sleep at all last night."
Worker 2: "Go grab a Mountain Dew or some other soda with a lot of caffeine in it and catch a buzz or you'll never make it through the day!"

by PhotographybyTina April 23, 2009
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1. Anything that creates excitement or stimulus.
2. The feeling experienced by someone in a stimulated state.
3. Gossip.
1. "Shooting people is my latest buzz."
2. "That's nothing compared to the buzz I get from speed."
3. So what's the buzz about Michael Jackson's new baby?
by Xaviana December 2, 2003
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1. the feeling of being inebriated from alcohol or any mind-altering substance

2. secret and slang term for booze, or the act of getting wasted, sometimes used in order to conceal the fact from authorities.
1. I achieved a mellow and steady buzz after having some weed and hennessey.

2. I'm going to go to the liquor store and get some buzz.

3. "Where are you going?"
by The Dudley Mac May 26, 2007
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generally referred to when dealing with drugs, sometimes caffeine.
when one has taken a drug, but isn't fully feeling the "euphoria" of it.
there are three general types of buzzes.
we were all smoking, but there wasn't enough reefer to go around, so we all just got a buzz.
by moonlitrose July 15, 2005
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Don't be stompin' on my buzz!
by AmagicdD April 15, 2009
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After pulling a pod and you get a little dizzy or weak
I buzzed so hard yesterday

I’m buzzing right now
by September 22, 2022
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