An abbreviation of the phrase "with it", anyone who thinks it is spelled "wit it" is wrong
Person 1: What up wid it?
Person 2: Not to much...what about you?
Person: Nothing doing here
by GhostFace4 February 26, 2008
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Wid is a simple name. It means love in Arabic. If you meet a Wid you are very lucky. She/he is very optimistic, caring, and outgoing. She/he can be very confusing at times but if you help them by giving advice or guiding them..they will love you. Wid isn’t hot, sexy, or eye catching she/he is simply cute. If they do dress, then all the others will have to watch out.
Example: “ugh I need to find my self a Wid

Another example: “give me Wid and Hanen my life” ( in Arabic Wid means love and Hanen means sweet so it’s persuading “give me love and sweetness in life”)
by Iraqi girl April 29, 2019
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an acronym for "When I Drink"
i. e. a person that doesn't smoke normally, but begins to bum smokes from others a few drinks into the evening. Invariably, these people NEVER buy a pack of cigartettes, EVER!!!
"Dude, I'm buzzed, can I have a cigarette?"

"Dude, you're a WID"
by Riffhard March 17, 2010
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When you would definitely shag someone 100% no doubt about it.
“A wid defo’s do her mate
by Gazza1690 March 15, 2021
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I'm happy to be wid you!
by Johnny Garfield April 6, 2004
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