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When you find yourself reminiscing about a past relationship and doing things like, texting, emailing or calling an Ex or Exes. This also can include but is not limited to writing songs, and or poems about that person.
*Why am I up listening to these damn slow songs.... Make a n*gga feel like Drakeing some of my exes and sh*t.*

Drake and Drive
by The Lady Blue February 04, 2014
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The act of pulling out during intercourse and cumming in ones face right before the climax.
Guy 1:Did you hear about Priscilla? she got Draked!

Guy 2: Awwww that's nasty! who did the Drakeing?

Guy 1: i don't know but i'm sure she wants to keep it secret.
by Eddy the gay Sanchez November 18, 2011
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