Paul: Why are you not listening to music?
Sad Man: I have an iPhone 7
by ShookStacy September 12, 2016
The first iPhone to ditch the headphone jack. Also known by its nickname 'Satan'.
Lloyd: I miss old Apple, back when they made quality devices like the iphone 7.
Me: You mean Satan? The first iPhone without the headphone jack? Are you high bro?

Lloyd: Idk man, I'm not familiar with any iPhone older than the 7
Me: *Sigh*
by UwUltimateDoge October 31, 2021
Something you're too poor to ever afford
-Poor Guy:Man i wish i could have that brand new iPhone 7...
by SparkFire September 11, 2016
Something that is only used by stupid 7 year olds.
Stupid Seven Year Old: Look at my new toy!
Intelligent Human: Hahaha, what a IPhone 7
by the defenition master June 19, 2017
an iPhone model designed on September 16, 2016, which has different features
Hey, it looks like you got the iPhone 7 there
by zzhb December 19, 2019