A great friend and you will never forget her. She is confident, even through her struggles, she never wants to give up she always keeps going. Priscilla is a great person, judge her she doesn't care, make fun of her she may care but keeps walking on, if she falls down she will get right back up. She will fight for what she wants. She is a perfect person, she has a great personality, she goes through a lot but she always gets stronger from everything. She is a beautiful person. She is a great friend and you won't ever forget her, you can't leave her, she will always be there for you and you should be the same way for her.
--That girl is such a priscilla--

--I need to know her, she is such a priscilla--
by BeyondtheInfinity November 18, 2013
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A Priscilla has a bohemian style with an edgy side. She often takes on more tasks than she's able to complete, she finds it hard to say no when it comes to doing favors. Her level of intuition is relatively high... Spiritually comes natural to her, her impulse nature is what attracts people but also what gets her into trouble. She's great at giving advice but often struggles to make the decision for herself. Priscilla is extremely generous, affectionate, passionate and often times can lose her temper once in a while but above all she's loyal.
If she's wild, she must be a Priscilla.
by Boricua_Love October 4, 2018
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Priscilla is a smart, talented, beautiful girl. She’s fun to be around and will always have your back even if you’ve done her wrong. Get on her bad side, and she’ll make you wish you weren’t. She met the love of her like 3 months ago and she’s been in love ever since. She’s a very loyal person and girlfriend so make sure you keep around. Treat her like she’s all you ever think about or she’ll feel like she’s not enough. And when she compliments you, she doesn’t expect one back and she isn’t desperate for your attention. She can hang with the boys and she’s a really active, sporty gal.
If she falls in love with you, you’ll have good luck for a long time...so keep her. She’s very talented,pretty, adventurous, and outgoing. Oh and did I mention how much she loves animals? She’s the most perfect girl to ever strut the earth. Get yourself a priscilla!
“Is that ur girlfriend?”

You know it she’s a priscilla

“Wow I wish I had me a priscilla”
by lil_pris March 8, 2018
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A Priscilla is the prettiest, nicest girl you'll ever meet! Boys fall over her as she walks in! Your lucky to meet a Priscilla. She has the best personality ever, and when you meet her you will never forget her! She is friendly with everyone even with the boys . Priscilla is a unusal name because not many people have been blessed with a name like Priscilla. She has the best friends anyone could ask for. When she walks into the room it lightens up ! She's the Best friend anyone could ask for !
"Priscilla is something like a star when you see her make a wish"
by Herdhsbhvdv December 3, 2014
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A woman of magnetic appeal who smiles with her eyes and draws you in with her sensuality.

Priscilla is nice, intelligent, affectionate, and fun. She appreciates people who make her laugh and more importantly, who do not betray her - ever!

When a Priscilla is artistically inclined, she lets everyone know it! If you want a Priscilla to keep you around, be sure to always support and appreciate her talents.
Person 1: So who was that person playing the lead role onstage?

Person 2: Oh her name is Priscilla. She was so good for the part, don't you think?

Person 1: Oh yeah. I could tell she must be a really genuine person in real life. Plus, she has this certain stage presence that's almost magnetic! I couldn't take my eyes off of her....
by Suburban Hearthrob March 25, 2012
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A tiny ball of energy. All of the Suns energy equals 1/8 of her energy. Not a jealous person. Gets mad very easily and is impatient but is very caring. Sometimes is called Pri
That is so pri

She is such a Priscilla

I wish I was a Priscilla
by LittleGfromtheHood April 11, 2015
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an amazing girl. often hard to understand but if you get to know her she is great. she is hard to get over and is always there to talk. she is beautiful but doesn't believe it herself.
She amazing, but she sends mixed signals that Priscilla
by biggahbaslut November 8, 2010
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