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New girls on the high school campus. These girls are so naive and horny, they'll basically do anything. Once they've entered high school, there's no turning back.
The sudden overwhelm of being in a new school with older, cooler people has made them want attention. To do this, they begin going to parties, hooking up with older guys, drinking, smoking, and having many sexual escapades. The skeevy seniors tend to go for these girls, as it is rather easy.
With all the new excitement, their grades begin to plummet, ruining their GPA for what may be the rest of their high school careers.
These girls tend to have bad reputations, some for the rest of their high school careers. Sad that they sometimes don't know any better.
*group of freshman girls pass by*

*freshman girls pass by*
Skeevy Senior 1: Wow, who were those girls? They're hot!
Skeevy Senior 2: I think they're freshman girls man.
Skeevy Senior 1: Damn! This will be easy!
*boys run over and begin talking to them*
by somebitch3 June 16, 2011
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