Cyprus is an island country in the east Mediterranean which is populated by a majority of Greek and a minority of Turkish people. After what can be claimed to be a CIA coup in the 70s, through which Greece tried to take control of the country, Turkey invaded and set up a puppet state on the north which is still not admitted into the UN.
The donkey is one of the most characteristic animals of Cyprus.
by ong May 12, 2006
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An island in europe which rightfully belongs to the Greeks
I'm going to Cyprus and Greece this summer.
by chtos December 7, 2005
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country with a bunch of purplecore emos
purple Cyprus best
by goatsovo empire August 27, 2022
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Cyprus is the cutest person you’ll ever meet. The Cyprus island is named after him because Cyprus is just so amazing and has to be remembered. He has the warmest, biggest heart. He is great at giving advice. He is very caring and doesn’t like to admit to his feelings ;) any girl that is dating him ( or has a marriage pact with him ) should feel extremely lucky and not let Cyprus go: hes amazing. He is very missable (and kissable) and is usually cheerful. He’s the funniest guy you’ll ever meet, he can make anyone laugh.
Kid1: I like Cyprus so much

Kid2: yeah me to let’s go chat to him
by Nutellaxox October 14, 2018
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Cyprus is a beautiful Greek Island, South East of the Greek mainland. It is situated in the mediteranean sea and is a member state of the European Union. It's religion is Christianity (Greek Orthodox Church) and the Currency in use is the Cyprus Pound (Will be the Euro soon). Cyprus gained independance from the UK in 1960. The Greek spoken in Cyprus is similar to that of mainland Greece, but with a few differences. Cyprus is to Greece what Sicily is to the Italian Mainland.
Cyprus is a Greek Island
by Maverick Corleone May 28, 2006
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a modern laboratory where they conduct experiments on homo sapiens regarding:

a. maximum amount of heat they can endure without evaporating
b. maximum amount of cab fare they can pay without a fist fight
c. maximum amount of distance they would be willing to go back when they confront an impassable-looking, smelly trash pile
d. maximum amount of war stories they can listen
e. maximum amount of booze intake before they die of dehydration
f. maximum amount of drug dealers they can ask where to get marijuana
g. maximum amount of car accidents they can have in a day
h. maximum amount of ugly whores building a wall in front of a one sexy whore
- i hear gambling is not prohibited in cyprus.
+ yeah, russian roulette is awesome.
by éyé April 30, 2013
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Cyprus is Turkish is a code phrase for homosexuals which actually means "I want to have gay anal sex". The phrase fist appeared in 1974 and it is very common in Turkey, since Turkey is said to be the most LGBTQ+ populated country in the Balkans.
Gay person 1 (to another man): hello beauty
Gay person 2: Cyprus is Turkish daddy
by Nick the historian January 21, 2022
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