To keep quite on something. To not tell people about something. To not divulge information to people that should not know about something. Keeping certain information limited to a certain group or between two people.
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
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1. anything low profile or to be kept in secrecy, especially in the realm of personal relationships.

2. any information to be kept private and between select parties, either in business, sports or personal relations.
1. I just met this new girl, but we're keeping it on the DL, until we're sure about each other.

2. I severely injured my ankle during practice, but let's keep it on the down low, so as to not alert the press.

3. This new talent of yours presents a style that is extremely rare, sign her up and let's keep it on the low, until all deals are signed.
by Manuel November 22, 2006
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giving someone the down low is telling them what happened or telling them the secret
yeah, heres the down low about today
by allie March 05, 2005
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the q-t, very hush-hush. a quiet place. a place of silence. i.e., shut your damn mouth, as in this is a secret. knowledge not to be repeated.
She admitted that she had a fondness for Justin Timberlake but begged me to keep it on the downlow.
by vixi January 31, 2003
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