"I just got a q-p of good green, but keep that on the down low cuz then everyone'll be hittin' me up."
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
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1. anything low profile or to be kept in secrecy, especially in the realm of personal relationships.

2. any information to be kept private and between select parties, either in business, sports or personal relations.
1. I just met this new girl, but we're keeping it on the DL, until we're sure about each other.

2. I severely injured my ankle during practice, but let's keep it on the down low, so as to not alert the press.

3. This new talent of yours presents a style that is extremely rare, sign her up and let's keep it on the low, until all deals are signed.
by Manuel November 22, 2006
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giving someone the down low is telling them what happened or telling them the secret
yeah, heres the down low about today
by allie March 6, 2005
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To keep information limited to only a certain few "homies" who need know
Don't worry we will keep that dime bag that you bought "on the down low"
by BennyT July 12, 2003
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Back in the 60's, passing a joint within view of outsiders got the response: "Keep it low", or "Keep it down low (when you pass it)". This usually happened when riding in a car with friends. Over the years "Down low", "Keep it down low" and "Keep it on the down low" generalized into meaning 'keep it secret' or 'don't be obvious'.
(Old School version):
"Hey, keep it low!"
"Pass it low!"
(Laughter from everyone else)
"Keep it down low when you pass it so nobody else can see what you're doing (you dummy)!"
"(Nods head "OK")"
by _db_ April 24, 2010
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when a black person is hiding that he is gay

This term can be commonly found in prison.
There is a black man and he is having sexual intercourse's with another male. Then he tries to cover up the truth about him being gay, and no one will find out.That is what a down-low brotha means
by turbo 1 dart April 17, 2009
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A man on the DL who lurks around public restrooms, parks, truck stops, porn stores, the locker room and shower at the gym, etc. looking for some random stranger(s) to have sex with.
I hate going to the gym on Thursdays after work. There’s this creepy DL Lurker who always seems to be hanging around in the shower or wandering the locker room in a towel.

I swear to God, her boyfriend is a down low lurker. I see him hanging around by the library bathroom three nights a week.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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