The act of having sex while in the immediate vicinity of other person(s) who are completely unaware that anything untoward is happening. Often happens at parties or to unwitting roommates
"Dude, I totally got some stank on the down low at that party yesterday - we had sex in the bathroom and nobody even noticed!
by DJ-Smexy March 23, 2009
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To keep something very secret; not tell another person
Alright, I'll tell you but keep it on the down low...
by Treg November 1, 2003
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To let someone know what's going on... discretely.
Joe: Why does everyone in the office seem so nervous today?

Stacey: Word is, someone's getting canned. If you want the LDODL, talk to Amy.

Joe: What the hell is LDODL?

Stacey: Low-Down on the Down-Low. I've already said too much.
by funkthefavorites May 10, 2011
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A guy you're boning, but you're too embarrassed to tell your friends.
I never knew that you and Eric were hooking up!
Yeah, you did. It was years ago...
Are you sure you're not still boning? Is he your dick on the down low?
by TeenyPony June 1, 2015
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The true term for a down low. The person being fooled has to allow himself to be fooled, and is the “Up” in the down low.
"Yo’ man, why do you buy what that friend of yours always tells you? That Up down low is five years old. You are really on the Up of her down low. "
by willword2 May 2, 2022
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When you are trying to accomplish something without being noticed. Often done while peeking and looking with one eye.
"They didn't even realize, I was there giving em' the down low sneaky..."
by Pecos Pete Partitions August 30, 2018
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Means to put the pussy on the dick like you mean it
Tyrell: Mmm, fuck baby drop that kitty down low for me stop playing
Rasheeda: Hell yeah daddy I'm gonna make you explode
by mrskandiibaby21 November 20, 2015
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