When this phrase is used everyone must crouch down and start spinning around no matter what the circumstances. You can only stop when the person who shouted this word shouts 'fall' then everyone must fall to the ground, get up and carry on as usual.
Everyone: starts spinning on the floor
Everyone: falls to the ground and gets up again like nothing has happened
by CLARABANNANA June 7, 2020
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a person considered unattractive by society standards but once puberty hits or they get a makeover, you realize that they were "sexy on the down low"
History-buff: Damn, Jack got fine. I didn't realize he was "sexy on the down low" under all that acne
by history-buff July 12, 2014
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Old school motocross terminology referring to shifting down for low gear. Meaning to go all out, full throttle and maximum acceleration.
"I'm going down for low when I get on that track!"
by DFL Racing May 28, 2017
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Being the lowest of low class you can think of. Like absolutely gutter trash.
Becca is so low down, she’s fucked everyone in town
by trinity anetra January 13, 2023
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