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style of clothes that is old school
wearing a larry byrd jersey now would be considered a throwback jersey
by Manuel March 11, 2003

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it is the greatest country in existance and produces the best soccer wine food bitches agriculture and most of all you wont find any one as proud as a portuguese person. italians and greeks only wish they could b as great as us.
portugal is the best country and nevr cheated against ne1 in euro the greeks paid off the refs.
by Manuel March 16, 2005

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what Todd Faison yells when his computer turns on, and functions normally.
Fuck this computer, fuck it, fuck this computer
by manuel March 07, 2005

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Billy's Mother's extremely large nine footer Purple Double Sided Dildo
Shut up before i whip out my big purple!!
by Manuel April 21, 2003

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A rapper who thinks he is tighter than
50. he is the biggest faggot in the world!
Why r u acting like a Ja Rule?
by Manuel March 21, 2005

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A computer process or action that occurs when the user did not want, or expect it to happen. When testing or working on computer software, the expected action resulted in a different outcome. Although you are still able to work, the un-requested feature is annoying and often requires additional user intervention or stoppage.
After the upgrade, the computer was suppose to do something, but did something else. This was an un-requested feature. When the user was logging into the database, the silent login was working. The user did not have to enter his/her password a second time. The users were tired of continually entering in their password when the computer password login was sufficient for security. But when the user attempts to login to another database, the silent login prevents the user from logging in. This was an un-requested feature.
by Manuel April 06, 2005

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A chocolate of swiss origin, that is silky-smooth and hazelnut-flavored. It can be made several ways, including milk chocolate and bittersweet. Gianduja is available in gourmet markets.
Nutella is a very popular type of gianduja.
by Manuel January 17, 2005

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