A married man who turns into a bisexual by having anal sex with men outside of his marriage.
Alex got married and a year later turned into a down low brother.
by Nancy Wilson September 18, 2007
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1)Heterosexual man who engages in anal sex with other men. 2)Married man who sleeps with men, with out any one knowing.
3)Prisoner who needs a pick-me-up.
4)A self identifying yet closeted homosexual.
Mary and John were happily married with three kids, John had many business trips he had to go on so he was not at home often. John's "business" trips included long nights in hotels with strange men involving sexual encounters. Years later Mary found out she was HIV positive and couldn't figure out why. John was a man on the down low.

DMX has sex with men but know one knows about it. He is a man on the down low.
by Arlesh June 27, 2008
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a male who is hetrosexual but have sex with other men on the side.
Did you know that Bill is a down low brother, because Jack told me they been having sex for about a year now.
by Nay Nay Hill July 10, 2005
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info (usually uv illegal preference) between homiez
yo i got sum hype shit ... but keep it on da downlow ight ?
by skip dawg January 2, 2004
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The act of having sex while in the immediate vicinity of other person(s) who are completely unaware that anything untoward is happening. Often happens at parties or to unwitting roommates
"Dude, I totally got some stank on the down low at that party yesterday - we had sex in the bathroom and nobody even noticed!
by DJ-Smexy March 23, 2009
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