The Down Low, like many terms and phrases in the American culture, can attribute their genesis to the Gay and Urban Black community, The, "DL" has evolved to be used universally to refer to activities conducted secretly and behind the scenes. The DL can also refer to behavior described as slick or deceptive.
The Term has truly evolved from being used to describe convert male homosexual behavior of a man Fronting (portraying himself), as a heterosexual and in relative is actually a closet Gay man to now refer to any behavior, action, or behavior that can be described as secretive or deceptive.

DL or “Down Low”, attributes its genesis from the Inner City Black and Sub Culture. The Black community was slow to accept the male homosexual in their community and thus adopted the term, “Down Low” to refer to a man that is a closet homosexual or a man that engages in sexual relations with both male and female partners. The term evolved to identify such men as their female partners were discovering that their Man was subversively engaging in sexual relations with another man on the side, (on the DL) while their female partner was unaware of his behavior and sexual preference. Prior to the Homosexual descriptive, the term was used to describe: any kind of secretive, slick, and/or deceptive behavior.
None Sexual Reference: Steve is moonlighting as a Bartender on the Down Low so his friends don't go to the bar and harass him while on the job.
Sexual Reference: Mike is seeing His Girl's BF on the Down Low hoping she won't find out.
by CarizmaGuy November 3, 2016
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Conspiracy theory promoted by gays and black females that straight masculine black men belong to a secret underground society similar to the illuminati where they ditch their wives and girlfriends to engaging in sex with each other on the low.
Black guy #1: Sup bruh, you bringin the lube and paper towels to the meeting tonight?
Black guy#2: Naw, what meeting mane ?
Black guy #1: You know, THE MEETING..
Black guy #2: Oh THAT meeting, Yea I got us covered. My girl in the next room keep it on the down low.
by Devyn Cheeseburger June 14, 2017
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Usually it means to keep somthing quiet and to only tell people who are cool enough to know or trustworthy. This definition comes from the real meaning which is a black man/men who have sexual relations with other men but have relationships with women and hide the homosexuality and homo. sex.
yo man i gota tell ya somthin but u gota keep it on the Down Low

u see that guy over there...well hes one of those guys in that Down Low thing, they call it poker night
by Tayla June 26, 2005
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when black males try to remain straight by having sex with other men then go home and sleep with their wives. Just ask Keith from gametalk.
Keith: sup? yah I'm on the down low, nigga please.

other mod: ack! O.o
by Mis Master Ice cube squared March 23, 2005
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Refers to when closeted black men leading mostly heterosexual lives seek other men for sex that is often anonymus and unprotected
"I am a black man who likes other men, but because of the stigma in the black community about being gay, I will only have sex on the down low."
by Screamapillar April 6, 2004
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slang; an expression for a BISEXUAL black man (who "thinks" he's straight - hah!), married or with a girlfriend, having sexual relations with another man.
Lennie pretends he's not bisexual, but he's on the down low - so, duh, same difference!
by Yo! April 19, 2004
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Keeping quiet, not telling or acting out. In the gay community, black males who are tricking, looking for anal or oral sex.
Tyrone and Shi'Thead appeared like thugs on the street, but in the bedroom they experiemented with every hole they had. They kept it on the down low, though.
by Richard Black March 19, 2005
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