A sarcastic, often mocking or condescending laugh.
"You can't beat level 1? Hah! I beat it on my first try."
by Dr Fruitcake August 8, 2005
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singular form of "ha". it is actually the correct way ha should be written. hah is usually the more powerful version of ha.
vice versa
by dictonaryboy June 4, 2023
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a word used to express what someone feels, or an addition to a sentence or word. It's often used for fun, to fool people. For example someone's riding along on a bike and then one uses: HAH
Drooling is often involved with it.
Someone says something stupid like: Bloempot(Flowerpot) HAH
by t3h ub3r 1337 h4hz0r November 3, 2003
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The female equivalent of the slang term brah, used colloquially to refer to one's close female chums. 'Hah' is a modified version of the slang term ho in much the same way brah is a modified version of the slang term bro. Although ho typically refers to women in a derogatory sense, 'hah' is meant to convey the same friendly kinship as brah.
Friend #1: 'Sup, hah! How's it hangin'?

(Female) Friend #2: It isn't hanging. Most of my sexual organs are firmly situated inside my abdomen.

Friend #1: Cool story, hah!
by ABaconBusAflame October 21, 2010
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1.) HAH? is a transitional word used to flow more easily, particularly while rapping. It can also be used after the end of a sentence. HAH?

2.)Currently, HAH? is ranked as the number one most necessary thing to happen to the English language. HAH?

3.)This has been made famous by KanYe West. HAH?
Don't make me pull the toys out. HAH? Don't make me pull the toys.

...So goodnight cruel world I'll see you in the morning. HAH? I'll see you in the morning. This is way too much I need a moment.

And if life a bitch suck my d*ck. HAH?
by ThisisTubbs January 19, 2011
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A word that /I/ personally use when I get my way.
Mary-Joe: That's not fair.
Billy-Anne: Is too! hah!
by Holly January 7, 2005
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HAH is a form of laughter used when someone is all out of control, the volume and extremeness of the laughter can be devided into several levels, starting with 1; a whispering HAH, up to 6, where the person laughing is all out of control and drools and spits while laughing insanely.
it's a form of "laughter" which uses the very deepest sound your voice can descent to, thus making it impossible for women to do, and making it hard for young boys.
A kid is running past smaller kids with his football, thinking he's very talented; he starts laughing in a weird way with short bursts.
by Menace November 3, 2003
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