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Undergarment designed to exaggerate or alter the body. Usually strengthened by strips of hard material (bones) such as steel, whalebone, etc. or by softer material such as cording, straw, etc.

There are several main types of corset which are seen in reproduction today.

The Elizabethan corset of the 17th century kept a flat-fronted, conical body shape which exaggerated and pushed up the breasts. Waist reduction was minimal.

The early Victorian corset of the mid-19th century cinched in the waist to give an exaggerated hourglass figure. The wide skirts and large sleeves of the period also made the waist look that much smaller by comparison. It was short, and encompassed only the waist.

The later Victorian/early Edwardian corset--the so-called 'cuirass' corset--was severer. Since the skirt style of the day was long, slim, and straight in front, with exaggerated fullness at the back, slim hips were necessary to carry off the look properly. Furthermore, the narrower skirt did not give the appearance of a small waist, so the corset was extended over the hips and laced more tightly than before.

"Cuirass" corsetry caused extreme discomfort, if not injuries, for many women, and public outcry against the 'evils of tightlacing' spurred a new corset design. The S-bend corset, worn around the turn of the century, was an attempt at a healthier, less restrictive corset. This corset was flat-fronted, and forced an unnatural arch into the back, pushing the breasts up and out and the rear down and back. The woman wearing it appeared to lean slightly forward, almost on the verge of tipping over.This corset, however, was worse than its predecessors: the forced arch caused back, neck, and joint problems for many of its wearers.

After World War I, the corset began to disappear. Women's fashions began to use much less fabric, and a slim-hipped, boyish figure became popular. The focus of women's dresses shifted to the hips, so girdles to slim the hips and brassieres to flatten the chest were worn instead of the corset. These girdles often used stretch fabrics instead of boning to smooth the hips.

The corset would enjoy a small comeback in the 1950's, when the 'New Look' style once more emphasized the hourglass figure, but it has been largely ignored until its recent reintroduction as an 'alternative' fashion for evening and club wear.
If your grandmother wore corsets, your goth sister probably wears them too.
by Yo! March 19, 2005
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slang; an expression for a BISEXUAL black man (who "thinks" he's straight - hah!), married or with a girlfriend, having sexual relations with another man.
Lennie pretends he's not bisexual, but he's on the down low - so, duh, same difference!
by Yo! April 19, 2004
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A totally and completely passive-aggressive JERK who believes the world SHOULD and MUST revolve around his own wants and needs and whims and who therefore has a sick stupid disregard for the universal law of "reaping what you sow" cuz he "thinks" it SURELY could not apply to or negatively impact him because he's too much The S_ _ t!!!
The dude is such a ridiculously arrogant, overly-self-confident Asshole, that it's obvious he must be incredibly INSECURE -- or just plain CRAZY!
by Yo! April 18, 2004
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"No I gotta go out and have fun,
At someone else's expense,
Oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah,

I drive really slow,
In the ultra fast lane,
while people, behind me, are going insane.

I'm an asshole
(he's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole
(he's an asshole, such an asshole)

I use public toilets,
And I piss on the seats,
I walk around in the summer time,
Sayin' "How about this heat?"

I'm an asshole
(he's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole
(he's the worlds biggest asshole)

Sometimes I park in handicaped spaces,
While handicaped People, make handicaped faces,

I'm an asshole
(he's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole
(he's a big fucking asshole)

Maybe I shouldnt be singing this song,
Ranting and raving and carring on,
Maybe they're right when they tell me I'm wrong.

I'm an asshole
(he's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole
(he's the worlds biggest asshole)"
by Yo! April 18, 2004
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