2 definitions by Devyn Cheeseburger

Short hand for Decendents Of (American) Slaves. Generally a way for some American blacks to differentiate themselves from black immigrants to the United States. One could be all or part DOS.
Olu: Where you from?
Terrance: I'm from Detroit bro
Olu: No, I mean like where your family from?
Terrance: Detroit bro. Extended family from the south, I'm DOS.
by Devyn Cheeseburger September 6, 2018
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Conspiracy theory promoted by gays and black females that straight masculine black men belong to a secret underground society similar to the illuminati where they ditch their wives and girlfriends to engaging in sex with each other on the low.
Black guy #1: Sup bruh, you bringin the lube and paper towels to the meeting tonight?
Black guy#2: Naw, what meeting mane ?
Black guy #1: You know, THE MEETING..
Black guy #2: Oh THAT meeting, Yea I got us covered. My girl in the next room keep it on the down low.
by Devyn Cheeseburger June 14, 2017
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