Another way of saying "whatever". It is often confused with "same thing", but you're really saying "OK, I admit that they're not the same thing, but they're not different enough for me to really care about it."

Often shortened to same diff.
"Same difference" and "same thing" are not the same thing, but hey, same difference.
by murlough 23 January 24, 2011
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Same Difference does not mean 'same thing'. Same difference refers to two subject matters which are not equal yet share similar values.

For instance: Apples & Oranges. Both are fruits, but are not equal.

Bob: I love Apples.
John: Don't you mean Oranges?
Bob: Same Difference
by David NC May 23, 2007
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this is what you say when when something isnt the same thing in order for it to be true
Person A: Hey did you see that raven
Person B: That was a crow
Person A: Same thing
Person B: No it's not
Person A: Fine, Same difference
Person B: Watever
by CronanDrkGameYT June 25, 2018
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Same difference means 'same thing; no difference'.
Hampster, gerbil, same difference.
by Ahlana September 3, 2005
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Kayla's a fag.

this came up in a long and very drawn out conversation at uti.
a boy and a girl have the same difference by both being opposite genders.
by Kandi.Cane December 17, 2007
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A term for when two subtraction problems equal the same thing
6 minus 1 = 5
10 minus 5 = 5
Same difference
by tr010101 August 16, 2012
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