1)The tip of the female part of the flower, which receives the male pollen grains.

2)A negative stereotype about a group of people.

3)A mark of disgrace or shame.
e.g for 1 is hard to define by a normal person unless he/she happens to be a doctor or a surgeon.

e.g for 2& 3: John has stigma about black people,
Peter felt stigma about his apperance.
by Jay Sharma April 21, 2008
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Stigma is the evolved version of (ligma).
by littdaddy November 8, 2018
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"What does 'stigma' mean? I should look it up on urban dictionar- oh."
by Jagohno July 10, 2021
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Similar to ligma and sugondese, a quick and painless way of ending ones life
“Bro i think i got the stigma syndrome
“What’s that”
*preparing to end others life*
Stigma genitalia in ur breathing whole”
by Jack Me’off September 7, 2018
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Socially Triggered Ideas Gathered for Malined Assassination
That man is a useless addict is a STIGMA
by Recovery Raptor April 2, 2022
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Related to ligma

Sounds like "stick my"
Guy 1: Girl, I need stigma
Girl 1: Stigma? What's that?
Guy 1: Stick my dick up your vagina
by #SupremeLeader October 21, 2018
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Toby: Have you heard of the stigma theory
Brian: Stigma?
Toby:Stigma dick in your ass
by TransformerMan August 28, 2021
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