The man that a women in a relationship messes around with on the side.
Nosey Bitch 1: I herd that Jess is messing around with Pete but still going out with Steve.

Nosey Bitch 2: Really? I always knew she had a man on the side.
by Mirandom January 13, 2007
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When a man takes the side of a man.
Jenny was telling Jonny how Mikey was blaming her for not taking the credit card away when she went home and he used it and maxed it out. Jonny said "Well, yeh, it is your fault". Jenny said

" Why you always man siding with him?"
by WMC2017 February 11, 2017
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The little bits of hair that grow on the side of your neck as the skin fade grows out
“Your Irish Man Side Neck is showing up and barbers are closed for another week, want me to trim it for you?”
by VinylBlocks November 26, 2020
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