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A person that invites you cordially,or welcomes you inside him or her
Synonyms: whore, promiscous person, harlot
"_Hello, wanna come in?
_Yes please, thank you doorman."
by harlottracystarmorgan October 07, 2011
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a sex act, in which the male ejaculates on the female's ear / neck region, and then provides her with a courtesy towel or rag to wipe herself off. (see entry for "doorman")
A: dude, i gave her a doorman last night!
B: was it a friendly doorman?
by jakester1234 January 01, 2011
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That guy at the theater who tears your ticket and then tell you what theater to sit your fat ass in so you can spill your pop-corn and leave your coke for him to clean up, only to take revenge by putting his lice in your head rest you lazy bitch. Down the hall, 4th door on the , thats the hand that makes an L.
Man, Dave makes an awesome doorman.
by Emo Dave May 04, 2004
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Some guy who holds the door open for a really pretty girl, but then sees a bunch of people follow her. He keeps holding the door for everyone for five minutes because he's too nice to stop holding the door and he doesn't want to appear sexist.
I saw Amanda leaving class, so I opened the door for her. But then everyone else came and I held the door open for them too... I am a doorman.
by Fuck You Script Kiddies! September 09, 2006
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