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Used to describe someone who is tired of other people's bullshit and lies and calls them out on it. To deflect, the person being called out cries "you're off your meds".
"You're off your meds" the morbidly obese sociopath wrote when i called him out for lying about me for the past 11 years.
by Downvoting Victim September 23, 2020
MRC stands for Momthrian Regulatory Commission. It is an autocratic system run by a mother who likes to know everything about her children whether they like it or ot. It continues well into their twenties and beyond.
I've been talking to a girl and the MRC says "I don't want to know anything until you're about to marry her."

But she really must know everything from her shoe size to her IQ to her cup size...
by Downvoting Victim June 27, 2006
A sniveling coward that hides behind his parents when things don't go as expected.

They will avoid friendships when any effort is requiring
Weaselly John believed all of Jose's lies about me. What a weaselfuck.
by Downvoting Victim August 31, 2021
Potential source of knowledge ruined by administrators who treat the encyclopedia like a tabletop RPG, penalizing users and IP addresses for what they deem inappropriate behavior.
I keep getting banned from wikipedia because the admins have nothing better to do.
by Downvoting Victim October 10, 2021
Acroman is a name for someone who uses so many unncessary acronyms in online conversation that it is both frustrating and amusing to talk to that person. They will even invent their own acronyms that no one else uses.
Me: Hi, Ben.
Ben: LOL. Hi. OIC.
Me: Want to get some food?
Ben: Let's go to BF in L.
Me: Where??? In Where???
Ben: Baja Fresh in Laffayette

Ben is an acroman!
by Downvoting Victim September 10, 2006
Confused and similar to being bewildered but not as serious a problem.
My dad has poor hearing and is often wildered by simple conversations.
by Downvoting Victim January 2, 2022