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A small plastic stick that upper management will carry around if they work in a job that requires a lot of cleaning/janitorial work. The stick is ineffective but looks impressive. They only can use it to grab small pieces of trash. Much less useful than a broom or a dustpan.

It is a way for upper management to claim they are "working with the employees" but doesn't make them do much work.
When I see the general manager wielding his manager stick, I wonder how many other people can see through the facade.
by Downvoting Victim May 24, 2012
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Los Altos, California is a city that borders Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Palo Alto.

The TOWN of Los Altos Hills is for rich people who literally have a supreme court case allowing them to mandate homes be half an acre or larger.

The LAPD are probably bored out of their minds, hoping to bust an aigga robbin' the hood. Or maybe they're protecting San Carlos, CA from anti-tech vandals. Hope for the latter. Pray for the latter.
I grew up in "Loyola Corners" of Los Altos, CA from 1985-95, and it had a reputation of being the "hippie neighborhood".

Then we moved to Shallow Alto because of the "school" "system".

Palo Alto sucks, Los Altos rules.
by Downvoting Victim November 01, 2020
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To commit suicide by jumping off the Bay Bridge.
Stiv was a psychotic suicidal douche so he decided to lose the bay bridge series
by Downvoting Victim October 08, 2006
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To be a rebellious hardocre anarchist-communist by buying mass-produced anarchy patches and spiked jewlery from CAPITALIST stores such as Hot Topic. Basically, rebellion against capitalism created by capitalism to produce profits.

Good job, capitalists. :-) You really convinced those morons to give you money. Gotta hand it to you.
Duuuude, we're hellllla sick. We got these anarchy patches and angry T-Shirts from Hot Topic. Linkin Park is so cool man, their whiny angst about being rich and white and upper-middle class really gets through my thick skull to my dead brain, dude. YEaaaah.
by Downvoting Victim January 26, 2004
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Twenty dollar bills, so one can make change with all the Mexican people that buy everything with $100 bills, yes, even if they have twenties. Keeping twenties is insurance against the slowdown caused by having to get change for a $100 from someone else.
I saw a lot of Mexican families in line ready to mispronounce the name of the movie they wanted to see after taking 5 minutes standing in line to decide what that movie would be, so I made sure that I had plenty of Mexican Insurance on hand by keeping more twenties in my drawer.
by Downvoting Victim December 20, 2005
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Alternative rock stations become mexicated when corporate station owners decide the audience for Spanish music is potentially more profitable than the "Hot AC/Alternative Rock" demo. This often occurs without warning for anyone, including the station's employees.
KCNL 104.9 in Sunnyvale, CA was Mexicated on January 1, 2006, without warning to anyone.
by Downvoting Victim November 02, 2011
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One of the worst childhood traumas in existence today. When that tall chocolate bunny rabbit you get for Easter as a young child turns out to be hollow when you expected a rabbit full of creamy milk chocolate or fudge.
I had it and it was a horrible nightmare.
by Downvoting Victim August 11, 2004
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