The bodily orifice that something shoved up the ass goes into.
Note the slightly forced pronunciation here to get the rhyme.
Fabs took it up the anal canal like a man.
by Ian Chode February 25, 2004
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Hi, my name is Bob, and this is my anal canal pal, Mark!
by redblade77 July 5, 2008
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A medical term that describes the act of taking an umbrella and shoving it someone's anus, then opening the umbrella in the anus thus removing all clogged "dumpage" from the anus. Anal Root Canals are usually preformed after someone has been constipated for over a week as a last resort to solve the constipation.
Man 1- Hey I thought you were constipated and couldn't make it to the game.

Man 2- No, my proctologist preformed an anal root canal and cured me.
by Wyo For Life April 9, 2018
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