Damn, Shaniqua, yo breaf stank like dookie.
by hoity toit November 28, 2003
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To poop:
I gotta go dookie
I have to use the bathroom
Going number two
by Nickylobes January 23, 2014
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1) Green Day's first commercially succesful album.
2) Abnormal faecal matter, that can often be caused by eating food that does not agree with you. The Green Day album, 'Dookie' was written at a time when the band were on tour, and eating lots of bad food. A dookie was the end result of the poor food.
3) A piece of faeces.
1) Have you got Dookie by Green Day? Yeah, it fricking rocks!
2) Eeeewww, thats a dookie...
3) I need to go blast a dookie!
by hello birdie June 21, 2006
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Term of endearment of the deepest of love.
Jesse: I love you, Dookie.
Christina: Aww, thanks midget face.!
by Fro Nasty February 26, 2016
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A place where corn can always be found.
by Ilikefewd July 22, 2009
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Green Day's debut album with Reprise Records. (They had released two already, but these were with the local label Lookout! Records.) The song Longview was the song that helped make them famous. The hits When I Come Around and Basket Case are also on the album. Dookie is a great album and my faves one the album are, hell, the whole album!
I have Dookie at home... it has a picture of Ernie from Sesame Street on the back. She and Pulling Teeth are awesome songs.
by Monique April 4, 2005
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