Dookie is a town in Victoria. Australia.

In 1859 the Dookie district was surveyed, taking in much of the Emu Plains pastoral run. Local lore has it that Mrs. Turnbull, wife of the station's proprietor, was so unhappy at the prospect of survey and possible farm subdivision that the surveyor suggested a place name derived from the Singhalese word duka, meaning sorrow. Mrs. Turnbull had lived in Ceylon. Duka was re-spelt Dookie.
Dookie was the name of my town long before the word had any other meaning or an album title.
by Harry May 08, 2004
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Cannabis Sativa, aka weed. Undoubtedly the direct lexical ancestor of Greenday's "Dookie" LP title.
"I don't smoke blunts cause I'm frugal with my dookie." -MC Chris
by Pantheos April 02, 2005
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Guitarist for Mental and the Wrong Side.
Also known as American Duder.
"Yo man, check out Dookie doin' that solo, he's such an American Duder"
by Ram A Dan November 15, 2004
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An Asian who has the same bowl cut and glasses as Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory and screams 'Nigga' in black strangers' faces
Ah! He's such a "dookie".
by Rawr :] June 18, 2009
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