1) Green Day's first commercially succesful album.
2) Abnormal faecal matter, that can often be caused by eating food that does not agree with you. The Green Day album, 'Dookie' was written at a time when the band were on tour, and eating lots of bad food. A dookie was the end result of the poor food.
3) A piece of faeces.
1) Have you got Dookie by Green Day? Yeah, it fricking rocks!
2) Eeeewww, thats a dookie...
3) I need to go blast a dookie!
by hello birdie June 21, 2006
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A log of feces with bits of food and other organic substances.
Wow that man must've had an awsome meal, thats one big dookie
by Tom Malone June 17, 2005
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Duke Fan. Spoiled, stuck-up, obnoxious, college student, that usually comes from New Jersey/Northeast Region.
The Terps sure did shut those fucking Dookies up in the ACC Tourney last weekend!

That Dookie would feltch Coach K if he had the chance.

Bet that ass hole is a Dookie.
by Bdog March 19, 2004
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Term of endearment of the deepest of love.
Jesse: I love you, Dookie.
Christina: Aww, thanks midget face.!
by Fro Nasty August 27, 2016
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Dutch word in the Frisian dialect meaning Dishcloth
I'm going to wipe up this spill, please pass me the dookie.
by Dutchgirl July 28, 2005
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