The correct spelling of the band. It is not "Greenday", nor is it "gREeN dAY!!11!1!!!".
"When I saw the Green Day concert, Billie Joe was masturbating on stage."
by Ugrugr March 30, 2005
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1. A day which is mainly spent smoking the drug marijuana, in an effort to end boredom. May have originated in California in the mid-80's.

2. A popular punk rock band with members from Rodeo and Willits, California.
1. I had a green day yesterday.

2. Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool are also members of Green Day.
by Crispy September 2, 2004
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1.) Seems like many folks get the association with marijuana correct but are badly misinterpret the slang/context. Back in the late 80s and 90s a "Green Day" was NOT a day spent smoking marijuana, it was the day AFTER a copious amount of weed/THC was consumed. When one awoke and was still high from the prior nights festivities, THAT was the "green day"...

2.) Green Day - A SoCal pop-punk band which arose in the late 90s to capitalize off of the punk revival launched by bands like Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Pennywise, The Vandals, etc... Known for fast aggressive pop-punk songs that sound vaguely like other songs and a primadonna front man who grossly overestimates his contributions to rock history.
1.) "Dude... I was so baked last night... those edibles didn't help either. I feel all dizzy and can't form thoughts"
"Ahhh, no worries bro, you're just having a green day"

2.) "Hey, did you ever see Green Day back in the day?"
"Nah man, I don't do pop-punk, I vastly prefer The Misfits, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, yknow...?"
by Roblox OOOF noise guy February 17, 2022
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1.A day of smoking weed and being high
2.A popular punk rock band, that has inspired teenagers since the 90's. They just recently released the album American Idiot, which was a protest album that was good, but nothing compared to any of their earlier albums such as Dookie.All three band members are brilliant, but I hate it when my friends say things like "I dont like any other of their albums,just American idiot", or "Billie Joe is soooo hot"I know people think they've become sellouts, but theyre just popular with audiences.They cant help it.
1.We got sooo high. That was a fuckin green day.
2.Have you heard Green Day's new album?
by anonymous (11) November 26, 2005
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A punk rock band that has been around since 1988. All three members are from California. Green Day consists of Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), and Tre Cool (drums).

They have 9 albums to date. Their most recent one is American Idiot which is an amazing album (and is also why many people THINK they are sellouts, but they are NOT). But their first big hit was Dookie which came out in 1994.

Even though many people discovered Green Day because of American Idiot, it doesn't mean they're posers. Many fans were young when Green Day's first albums came out and after American Idiot, went out and bought all they're earlier albums and realized that those albums are even better than American Idiot.

People who think Green Day are sellouts shouldn't. And if they do, they should keep their negative comments to themselves.
1. After she heard American Idiot, she went out and bought all Green Day's other albums and realized that they were even better than American Idiot!

2. Without question the greatest punk rock band on EARTH!
by green day are the best! August 2, 2005
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A day spend sitting around, smoking pot and doing absolutely nothing
Yesterday i smoked pot all day so i had a green day
by Nibsy August 24, 2005
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