Use the bathroom

When a man thinks he needs a woman but really just needs to ejaculate on something, an enlightened Woman may says...



Would you please use the bathroom not me

An accommodating woman that doesn't want to upset the status quo, She might just put her hand on her chest Like protecting herself - Who me?

She will eventually come to her senses.
You are so magnificent I can see this really going places

That's nice, Use the bathroom!
by Money budlinks January 6, 2014
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the phrase you say when you're staying over someone's house for an extended period of time and you havn't masturbated in a while. So you go to the bathroom, lock the door. and masturbate.

Some users may say they're going to "Take A Shower" and get in the shower solely to pleasure themselves.
i was over my cousins house for a month, and every couple of days i'd be "using the bathroom" or go "take a shower" and relieve myself.
by Brandon Fur Teh Lulz February 14, 2009
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