Term of endearment of the deepest of love.
Jesse: I love you, Dookie.
Christina: Aww, thanks midget face.!
by Fro Nasty August 27, 2016
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The world-famous hot brown pudding which comes out of the well-known smelly factory known as the digestive system and is manufactured by the anus.

A best selling product, yet never eaten.

Better known as the word shit
The famous word 'dookie'

It sounds like the word 'poopie'

Which comes out from the pooper,

Which is smellier than your sneaker

You go to the toilet

And poop it right in,

And then you flush it away

Into the deep sewers within.
by Light White Dragon November 07, 2011
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Dookie comes from the mis-pronounced word "Deuce". Deuce means "two". Taking a deuce means taking a number two, or pooping. That is why people today call it "dookie"
Taking a Dook (Deuce) or dookie (deuce).
by Lord Baddkitty February 22, 2007
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"He wore the Dookie when we met Queen Elizabeth/Asked her was she jealous, she said 'A little bit'." - Ugly Duckling, from "I did it like this," see also "Eye on the Gold Chain"

"Dookie braids was a aid to the sex appeal" - Pharcyde from "oh shit"
by Giuseppe October 03, 2003
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as most people know it, to dookie is to shit, but now, dookie has become an insult, an annoyance, a petty thing to say at the most random of all times, just try it.
Say someone just did something stupid,u go up to them, make a hand gesture, preferably the action of putting your right palm in between ur forearm, and bicep, moving ur arm back and forth with ur hand pointing forward, ur whole arm at 45 degree angle, and simply saying,"You have just been dookied on."
Another use would be if something serious were going on, and to eliminate all seriousness from the situation, you scream DOOKIE!!!, in a very high-pitched voice.
by Timothy Jonathan April 06, 2006
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noun:A slang insult. "You're such a dookie!" noun: A mistake. "Oops, I made a little dookie." verb: Replaces the phrase "excuse me" after one passes gas. "**Ppppphhhhhtt** Dookie!"
"You're such a dookie!" "Oops, I made a little dookie." "**Ppppphhhhhtt** Dookie!"
by Grace March 04, 2004
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A term for money, Slang for 'Dollars' - $

See 'Trouble on Dookie Island - The Lonely Island'
1. You owe me some dookie.
2. I've got so much dookie.
by eddygun101 December 09, 2011
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