Detroit slang term for a large stack of cash, usually between $10-50k
I carry dog shit I don’t need no fuckin wallet” -Baby Smoove
by mrcountup September 13, 2019
What I'll vote for if it runs against Bush in 2004
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
a term often used by women to describe a very attractive young man.
Girl 1- Girl!! Did you see Derrick at the club last night?

Girl 2- YES!! He's so fyne i would fuck the dog shit out of him!! I shoulda got his number!!
by xxrukahsxx April 16, 2011
1) Something that is worthless and of inferior quality.
2) Fecal excrement left by a dog.
(At the annual town chili festival)

Judge: "Alright Frank, we all know that you are a chili genious. You have made the best chili in town for two years already. No doubt that this will be your third year."
Frank: "Indeed sir, this is my latest recepie that I sure hope will make everyone's taste buds dance and sing! Go on, have a taste!"
Judge: *gets a spoon and tastes Frank's chili* *gags in disgust* "Why I am very sorry Frank, but this chili is utter dog shit."
Frank: "Whaaat!?"
Old Lady: "Hey you Frank, have you seen my Fido around here? He's a large Great Dane and I have had a history of trouble keeping him on my leash. I am very sure I saw him right here. In fact, I even saw him climb up onto your stove and take a crap in your chili while it was still cooking!"
Judge: *suddenly feels very sick and loses his dinner all over the ground*

Mark H. UrbanDictionary author since February 2004.
by Mark H May 7, 2005
Main ingredient of chicken mcnuggets, along with damn pork, beef, rat, and the rest of the shit shoved into those shitass cakes.
Billy: Ma, this is dog shit!
Mom: But billy, aren't chicken mcfuggets your favorite?
Billy: *shoves some nuggets up his ass*
Mom: WTF?
by Xer0Syk0 November 29, 2004
Dog Shit.. Something that every fucker has trod-in..
"Oh steven, Iv just trod in dog shit, Oh nevermind whats new"
by Lee Quelch February 25, 2005
at maximum potential; ultimate force; maxed out; like no other; road rough and put away wet, etc...
Charles McGee: so did that blonde from the bar last night let you beat? or what?
Hoss Yenda: oh no doubt, bro. I fucked the dog shit outta her!
Shits McGee: That's what's up.

GYSGT Highintight: Hey there war fighter!
SGT Moto: Yes, Gunny?
GYSGT Highintight: You break in that new shit bag PFC from 3rd platoon yet?
SGT Moto: The O' course to Camp Wilson and back, boots n Utes. Plus field day is tonight, that mother fucker is gonna clean the dog shit outta the common areas and the company office. And he's barrowing the A-duties gear for tomorrows hump.

GYSGT Highintight: Good to go, warrior. Smoke the dog shit outta that bag of ass.
by that lethal shit: July 5, 2014