Too get your hair braided.
"yo you need to get that nappy afro put away"
by Puppet January 5, 2005
A phrase used in response to anyone who is getting too excited about something.
"Mmmmm that's a sweet lookin chixx0r...." "Put that away!"
by foxhead local July 29, 2004
The act of putting your penis back in your trousers before fully shaking your drips
'Sorry i was rushing, i had a bit of a Premature Put Away (P.P.A)' Hope it doesnt stain.
by Craig Ellery November 7, 2008
this is a real booze bag slut. she has been on the road and had sex with many and left moist, vaginally, because she is such a dirty whore. she will typically wear leather, have a shitty tatoo and a feathered hair cut.
Man, that bitch looks roadhard put away wet.
by Caligreens December 17, 2006
To put something out of sight, Used North of the Dixie line
Tori! no cellphones in class! Put it away
by tellytubby313 March 22, 2010
The way someone looks or feels when they've had a hard time of it. From a horseman's term, when someone has not taken care of a horse after a hard day.
He was all hot and sweaty, he looks like he was rode hard and put away wet.
by Liberte July 28, 2006