A code word meaning "fine" by Abed & Troy from the TV show Community.
Troy: Abed, are you fine or fyne? Abed: I'm fyne, Troy.
by Starchylde April 23, 2016
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to be so sexy that you gotta spell fine differently...
dude, that girl is fyne!
by lance trissel November 15, 2004
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“damn mami you fyne”-said oscar
“thanks papi you lookin hella fyne your self”-said desiree
by addiethebaddie123 March 20, 2019
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Same as previous definitions, but often said with a clenched jaw and accompanied with "damnnn ...."
Damnnnnnn ... that girl is fyne!
by Claire Plasters May 3, 2009
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fyne means fine
Friend: hey how are you ?
Computer: fyne and you
Friend: fyne
by jassy chick January 21, 2012
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Lavishly Good looking, having a good shape, and a pretty face.
by Seth Campbell June 22, 2004
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1. Someone who is representing the hood but still looks fresh doing it

2. Rapper who spits lyrical fire from the top of his head and carries a backpack wherever he goes
-yo come listen to this kid freestyle. hes so nice
-oh word? is he optimus fyne?
-yeah man hes got bars!

-yo why you wear that backpack everywhere? take that shit off
-chill with that man im optimus fyne
by Optimus Cryme October 21, 2009
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