A funny yet understanding guy. Always has a way of keeping you entertained when you're down. He's the kind of guy you can trust to keep secrets and know he'll always be there for you. Derrick cares about his friends even new friends (never wants to see a frown in his group of friends). Charming and handsome. Tall and slim. He keeps fit and healthy. Never the kind of guy who judges girls. He'd probably go for girls with brown/black hair and a opposite personality than him (which is okay cause he's open for any type of person).
Derrick you're the perfect example of what a sad stressed girl has been looking for.

When Derrick sees a sad girl he'll do what ever he can to help her out.

King of sex, man..
by Setherfreedude July 14, 2012
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Derrick is a good looking dude he has a big dick he get girls he’s funny in a way he always tries to keep a smile on someone’s face he loves helping people he is smart good at sports and he likes all color girls he ain’t racist
by The beast 23 March 10, 2018
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Derrick is a SEXY charming light skin nigga with money. He has tongue game with ladies pussy. Derrick knows how to treat a ladie with respect but the problem is with derrick is he mess with too many girls so, he is known as a thot. He will Netflix and chill with u anytime. He will make u feel good about youself when down , he will with always be there when u need him for comfort , he will cuddle with u all times. Derrick will NETFLIX & CHILL WITH U ANY TIME U WANT. Derrick is caring smart sexy charming and a real nigga who stay 💯 , he's not like dem other fuck niggas. He knows how to make u feel good. Derrick is always funny and sometmimes annoying but always a good friend . He is sometimes rude but only on a bad day. Derrick will always be that nigga who cheers u up and never break or cheat on u... SO COME GET A DERRICK!!!
"She lucky she has derrick"
"😍 omg I just saw my future husband Derrick"
"Awww Derrick is so caring I love him so much 😘😍"
by ĶïñğŽ $oles October 23, 2015
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A real man who knows how to treat a woman with respect. one who is loving and caring and thinks only of others not himself. One who is soo funny he makes u want to piss your pants! a man who plans for the future. a REAL man.
Girl#1: i swear i feel like he's the perfect guy!
Girl#2: i think you found yourself a Derrick
by smileykj August 12, 2011
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A cool, SEXY dark caramel black guy with a giant penis and who loves to be loved. A calm, but Crazy guy if you make him. The only thing that isnt cool about him is he likes to mess with alot of girls, but he's a MACK DADDY. All the girls loves him and his penis.
That one guy DERRICK is fucking sexy and he has a HUUUGGGEEE penis
by YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! November 13, 2009
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A boy who will never leave you, never wants to make you cry, a man who sees the real you. All he wants to do is live the rest of his life with you and make you feel amazing forever. He also hot as fuhhh...
Derrick is the last boyfriend you will have
by Squirrelgirl1200 June 22, 2018
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Derrick is the most awesome and loving guy in the world if u don’t have a Derrick in your life then your life must suck ass Derrick is the sauce god in basketball so don’t fuck with him he’s the hottest guy ever and if he’s not your man then bruh u dumb but he’s so sweet and you won’t regret being his bestfriend
Bro stop trying to look as good as Derrick
by Your bestfriend kenzzzzzzzz January 20, 2018
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