Anybody and everybody as long as they are NOT Caucasian.
The NAACP is very diverse because of the low number of Caucasian members.

The NBA is very diverse because of all the black members.

The United Nations needs more diversity because there's too many white people.
by Jack Klompus May 18, 2016
This is the latest empty buzzword popular with lefties and feminists. It means lets get rid of the white guys first. Then we will get rid of the colored ones. We will replace them all with white women and, if any openings are left, with a few colored ones.
Everybody benefits when business promotes diversity.
by Drunvahlo January 16, 2015
Diversity=Really rich white folk won't live here.
"The neighborhood is wonderful and so full of Diversity!"
Response, "So you mean the white people are leaving?"
by yup2 April 5, 2011
Something that has failed everywhere every single time and brought nothing but decline, chaos, death, misery, destruction, and degeneration of everything.

An example is Greece and Babylon, both were the originators and pillars of human civilisation and development but now are comparable to 3rd world countries to todays 1st world nations with less than 10x the history/culture/inventions. Almost none of these 1st world countries were diverse in the last 80 years unlike Greece and Babylon.

Something that causes strife, racism, division, and hatred exactly contradictory to how diversifiers paint it to seem. Sadly people never can live in peace with different races/ethnicities and will always have internal and external conflicts way less than with their own communities and peoples.

Something that kills our uniquenesses and turns us all into a giant mess of people who have no identity and community/similarities. You have a garden of flowers because every flower is unique and beautiful in its own way. If we bred every flower into one, all the unique beauties would be killed and one dull boring meaningless flower would remain.

An evil lie repeated and regurgitated by anti-white racists to destroy white people and their nations, while malevolently and hypocritically not supporting diversity for non-white nations because they secretly know what evil poison they are applying, and only want it for their enemy.
Diversity is not our greatest strength, it is our greatest strife.
A bigotted policy that is over-emphasized to an incredibly irritating level. It is also used in the name of tolerance and progress, but it in fact happens to hold certain people down until people of a particular group gets things first. In addition, certain minorities are also left out in so-called "Diversity Week" celebrations, especially those with mental disabilities and Native Americans.
I don't like bullsh....I mean "Diversity Week". It leaves a lot of people out and I would rather deface it than embrace it.

Editors: Don't delete this just because you don't like what you read.
by Radical Republican November 7, 2005
a deathblow to an existing environment
Promoting diversity in the Galapagos Islands, PETA fatatics released 5,000 minks they stole from productive citizens onto the islands. The minks preyed on and eventually destroyed all of the fauna. A similar situation exists with the democrats/socialists/liberals push for diversity/destruction of the United States of America.
by lvv September 27, 2003