-a shorter way of saying "bullshit"

-meaning "bullshit" in a way people may not get in trouble for
person 1: "they said they even did it together!"
person 2: "naw man, that's a bunch of bullsh.."
person 1: "i know i never believed it anyway!"
by NicoleLovesYourPants May 29, 2009
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(v.) The act of a journalist or reporter justifying hoaxes or heavily discredited news stories by saying that at least it "shed light" on a "major" problem
You see all the bullshedding Sam Biddle pulled after the police confirmed the Rolling Stone UVA story was a hoax?
by RedRichter June 05, 2015
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Pronounced 'bow-sh'

A safer and trendier way of saying bullshit, can be used around teachers, children and elderly people without fear of getting done for anti-social language.
Mick: England's performance at the 2010 World Cup is utter bullsh...
Child: My young mind remains unsoiled due to your use of the word bullsh
by desperate_d June 18, 2010
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Tormenting Ways. Mindfuled Games. You'll get caught in this Dangerous Heartful Pain.Your Wosrtest Fears & Darkest Days. I'll remind of the Ways it Gained. Lost in a World Filled With Bullshit Voices, that Wanted to Think they could Tame These Flames. So Don't Compromise These Wicked Games. No Peace & No More Later Days. Just Lost Inside These Insane Ways.
FUCK The Bullsh*t !?.
by IcyeBxoKingD March 05, 2019
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The abbreviation of bullshit. Much easier to shout or spit when you're putting down the man! Or in everyday conversation.

Also 'I call bullsh' - Meaning to say if one of friends makes an outlandish statement that you don't believe.
Dude: I'm so sick of the prices of these bus tickets, it's so bullsh!

Dude: So I left the club with the hottest chick there.
Man: Pfft, I call bullsh!
by Bladeface December 23, 2013
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