-a shorter way of saying "bullshit"

-meaning "bullshit" in a way people may not get in trouble for
person 1: "they said they even did it together!"
person 2: "naw man, that's a bunch of bullsh.."
person 1: "i know i never believed it anyway!"
by NicoleLovesYourPants May 30, 2009
(v.) The act of a journalist or reporter justifying hoaxes or heavily discredited news stories by saying that at least it "shed light" on a "major" problem
You see all the bullshedding Sam Biddle pulled after the police confirmed the Rolling Stone UVA story was a hoax?
by RedRichter June 6, 2015
Pronounced 'bow-sh'

A safer and trendier way of saying bullshit, can be used around teachers, children and elderly people without fear of getting done for anti-social language.
Mick: England's performance at the 2010 World Cup is utter bullsh...
Child: My young mind remains unsoiled due to your use of the word bullsh
by desperate_d June 18, 2010
Tormenting Ways. Mindfuled Games. You'll get caught in this Dangerous Heartful Pain.Your Wosrtest Fears & Darkest Days. I'll remind of the Ways it Gained. Lost in a World Filled With Bullshit Voices, that Wanted to Think they could Tame These Flames. So Don't Compromise These Wicked Games. No Peace & No More Later Days. Just Lost Inside These Insane Ways.
FUCK The Bullsh*t !?.
by IcyeBxoKingD March 5, 2019
Donald Trump's words, actions, and human essence
That's bullsh*t man, just like Trump.
by palmtree06911 November 6, 2020
The abbreviation of bullshit. Much easier to shout or spit when you're putting down the man! Or in everyday conversation.

Also 'I call bullsh' - Meaning to say if one of friends makes an outlandish statement that you don't believe.
Dude: I'm so sick of the prices of these bus tickets, it's so bullsh!

Dude: So I left the club with the hottest chick there.
Man: Pfft, I call bullsh!
by Bladeface December 23, 2013