1. Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group.
2. A sexually desirable young woman.
by meep March 16, 2005
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1. flawless, perfect
2. an adjective to describe someone you want to put your dick inside
1. That nigga's new mixtape is straight fauna.
2. Yoooo, that girl fauna. She ready for it.
by _lia February 7, 2015
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fauna: a good friend who always has everyones back no matter what. someone who is always there for when you need someone there the most. someone who is caring, and loving. someone who loves animals like its no one business.
You remind me of a fauna. you're pretty cool like fauna
by tina louse February 24, 2009
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Member of Hololive Council also known as Mother Nature, her voice is so comfy and she has two cats named Snail and Clover
A: Hey, did you watch Ceres Fauna's stream last night?
B: Only for half an hour because her voice is so comfy I fell asleep
A: Damn bro...
by DeadKFP September 27, 2021
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plants and animals (flora is plants; fauna is animals)
"Hey mum, what's that flora and fauna called?"
by teachers-pet February 26, 2012
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Someone who loves animals (in a nice way).
Opposite to Faunacator (who loves animals in the naughty way.)
1. Sally was a fauna fan who worked at a zoo and spent her spare time fundraising for wild animals. Jim was a fauna fan too, but he lived on the moon, so his menagerie consisted of two robotic goldfish and a wall full of animal posters.

2. I'd rather be a fauna fan than a fauna-cator.
by Fauna Fan October 18, 2007
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Have you read the new book "Common Animals of Roads, Street, and Highway: A Field Guide To Flattened Fauna" by Prof. Knutson?
by MikeMcWorkhardster November 16, 2009
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