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A scumbag who decided to speak out once again, as seen on FOX News today, which is fair and balanced compared to the other mediar channels. This time, it was criticizing Bush once again for going into Iraq, and also about the Iraqi election. Yes, God forbid that people in the Middle East have the right to vote, SO HORRIBLE!!!
It's too bad Kerry doesn't have any idear what he's talking about. However, he does have an idear about why he's so bitchy and whiny: the fact that he lost the election and can't get over it.
the use of the words "idear" and "mediar" above is mocking the Boston-styled way that Kerry pronounces them.
by Radical Republican January 31, 2005
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A big, fine perfect round ass. It is not huge and gross, just bigger and better than average size. Every girl should have one of these. These anatomical masterpieces can give many guys an erection.
MMMMMMmmmmm.....that lovely redhead has such a big fine bubble butt. :)
by Radical Republican November 6, 2005
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A typical punk-rocker or emo-rocker teen who have been manipulated by the media and a lot of today's culture (mainly music and TV). They also do this because they either have no life, or they want to bash and challenge their leaders and/or the authorites to make themselves feel big, or sometimes just for kicks.
The Bush-Basher teens were listening to Simple Plan, Dashboard Confessional, Green Day, the Rock Against Bush CD, and Rancid all day. The emo kids within the group were crying and whining about yet another lost relationship and bitching about their parents.
by Radical Republican February 12, 2005
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A pot-smoking ex-president who always has sex on his mind.
Q: What is Bill Clinton's favorite word?
A: Oral.
by Radical Republican February 1, 2005
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not something to be laughed about, as autism is a real disorder, and it affects roughly 1 out of every 160 or so children, and there are also millions of adults and children living with it today.
There is no cure, but with research centers like the Autism Society of The Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois), the Autism Society of North Carolina, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the Center for the Study of Autism, there is hope in the future for a cure for this disorder in which a person has social difficulties, demands a predictable environment, has things that they are ultimately irritated by, and other characteristics and symptoms associated with this disorder. There are also milder forms of this mental/emotional condition (See Asperger's Syndrome)
To better understand autistic people and the disorder of Autism in general, many people need to open their minds and quit being judgemental towards people that have this. Autism is a serious condition, and it is something that should have a lot more consideration and understanding.
by Radical Republican March 22, 2005
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A phrase that has the potential to send normal people or anyone who doesn't like the phrase (87% of all people in existence, including many Southerners) into severe fits of rage and irritation. See example below.
Slow Southern retard: GIT ER DONE!!!
Me: (Aims the shotgun at his face) KA-BOOOM!!! "GOT Er Done, bitch."
by Radical Republican November 29, 2004
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