Verb. To get gratification through self-interruption. To pleasure oneself by purposefully causing one's own interference. To gain satisfaction, happiness, elation, or joy by interrupting one's own peace, quiet, rest, or harmony.

Other forms include: disturbator, disturbation, disturbates, disturbating.
As usual, just when everything in his life is in order and he has seemingly achieved a high level of peace and harmony, Tom becomes bored and miserable and begins to disturbate.

Bill will disturbate if he thinks that his life has become too settled, quiet, or free of stress.

Jack will disturbate until there is an adequate amount of chaos in his life.

After playing a flawless first half, the Jaguars fumbled the second half kickoff and continued to disturbate until the game was tied. Satisfied, they then won the game in overtime.

What to others looks like a perfect existence actually causes Sam to disturbate.

After receiving a huge bonus for his amazing sales production, Mac chose drinking too many cocktails at lunch everyday as his way to disturbate.

Smooth sailing always prompts Tony to disturbate.

by Buzz Writeyear February 02, 2008
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Disturbing somebody while they are masturbating. This usually happens when a guy has a complete hard-on, though far from ejaculation, and someone just pops up into his private space.
(Pat suddenly breaks into the room while Sam is watching porn and stroking his tool.)
Pat: Sam! Sorry to disturbate you but your mother's here.
Sam: WTF!
by virtualvirtue January 16, 2013
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