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Linkin Park is made up of six band members:
Chester Bennington - Vocalist
Mike Shinoda - Backup Vocalist/Emcee, Guitarist, Keyboardist
Brad Delson - Guitarist
Rob Bourden - Drummer
Dave "Pheonix" Farrell - Bassist
Joe Hahn - Sampler

Linkin Park has had 5 studio albums, Hybrid Theory (2000), Meteora (2002), Minutes to Midnight (2006), A Thousand Suns (2008), and LIVING THINGS (2011).

Linkin Park really cannot be labeled, it is really a hybrid mix of many genres, including Alternative, Nu-Metal, Rock, Rap Rock, and Pop.

Linkin Park is a growing band, who brings something new to the plate every album.
Chris - "Hey have you heard that one song, Burn it Down?"
Aiden - "Yeah, that song is from my favorite band, Linkin Park"
Chris - "The same band who did In the End? Wow, they're music really varies."
by Fading Echo August 31, 2013
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Ok since everyone is just posting OPINIONS. Let’s actually get a real from most OPINIONS

Linkin Park is a Sol-Cal band that is often thought of as nu-metal, alt. rock, or something else where-as the band themselves thinks to have their own style of music and has two successful albums, "Hybrid Theory" and Meteora, and two remix albums that not only went high in the charts when they were released(believe it or not), most people seem not to like "Reanimation" nor "Jay-Z Linkin Park: Collision Course" except people who enjoy hip hop more(they seem to like them a little more than Linkin Park's albums).

The band consists of six members:
Chester Bennington (vocals)
Rob Bourdon (drums)
Brad Delson (guitar)
Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass guitar)
Joseph Hahn "Mr. Hahn" (turntablist, samples)
Mike Shinoda (backing vocals, sampling, rap emcee, keyboardist, occasional rhythm guitarist)

Before there was Linkin Park there was the band called Hybrid Theory. This was Linkin Park before they were signed onto Warner Bros.
And Before Hybrid Theory there was Xero which was more focused on hip-hop music.

Most people look to their lyrics as "shitty" and "have no thought in them at all, only made to get emo teens to listen to them" When this is not true at all.
Their lyrics are taken from 'sappy therapy time' as Mike says, and broken down until they reach a happy medium. On average their lyrics are rewritten at least twice for every song.
Where the Lyrics branch from is stuff they have gone through (not from relationship problems most of the time) and as Mike once said "You don't want to know where the lyrics come from...You wouldn’t know how the hell we got it to become that song."

This band has become loved by many and hated by many as well. They are seen as 'untalented' when this is truly wrong. Linkin Park has a sound that, as of now, has not been duplicated (and many have tried). This band is greatly respected in the music business and seems to be one of the most successful bands to mix hip hop and rock.
"Hey dude did you read that definition of Linkin Park on"
"Yeah seems like the guy was posting a biography! At least all that were there was facts and no opinions."
by Arshen December 30, 2005
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A band who everyone seems to have forgotten that they have made more than 2 albums. People tend to complain about how they scream to much, when if you actually bothered to listen to the 3rd and 4th studio albums you would realize they don't actually scream that much anymore.
Person One: "Linkin Park like scream sooooo much!!!"

Person Two: "Go buy Minutes to Midnight and A Thousands Suns you knob."
by Poofacedlarry February 17, 2012
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The only band to SUCCESSFULLY combine rock, rap and electronica. They have their own sound, and they're deep lyrics and catchy hooks have helped them become the great artists they are today.
'Linkin Park is a great alternative metal band.'
by disappear September 07, 2005
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One of the Best Bands of the last years , 2000-present

Their music works good for people who has been rejected or who feels bad , their songs help people to get through hard moments , and they are just Awesome.
If you think they're bad , then you don't know how it feels to be mistreated , or you're just part of the problem
I been Rejected my whole life , and people always makes fun of me, and Linkin Park songs describe just how i feel right Now, and they helped me realize that people are Stupid.
by MisterUglyFace December 13, 2012
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A city in Michigan that is sweet and has amazing people. Also good weed. Called LP for short.
Linkin Park rocks!
I'm goin to LP!
by Str8^G October 21, 2007
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Linkin Park is a band that developed a huge fan base around 2000 with the hit single "One Step Closer". Many dismissed the band at first, but the few that did listen, pushed it on their friends, and those that listened to the whole CD, were awe struck with the different emotions the band could bring out.

From the "raps" Mike Shinoda threw down in "Place for My Head" to the wave of fans that were drawn by the voice of Chester Bennington in "Crawling", Linkin Park could appeal to every fan in the world. They became a music phenomenon, that quickly became amazing. Hybrid Theory, their first album, contained 12 tracks.

Re-Animation, their next album, remixed all 12 songs, and was released the next year. Many other artists appeared on the CD, working with the band to make the songs the fans loved, that much better. Some fans didn't agree with the decision, simply hoping for a new album, and disregarded it immediately.

Meteora was released the following year in 2003, and the fan base just grew more and more. The song "Somewhere I Belong" grabbed most fans, but some again disregarded them as an "emo" band.

{"Emo" had become a popular and stupid term around the time, as every single "new" band seemed to come out with the same tired LP wanna-be songs, that screamed and yelled the WHOLE song, and had nothing to offer.}

Regardless, the fans stuck to the band they loved. The song they released next was called "Faint". This song was nowhere near 'emo' and was not even close to be considered a failure. The band literally took off even more with this intense, fast paced song. Many people were drawn in because of this song.

The next song that came out nearly killed the band: "Breaking the Habit". What should have been an incredible song, was immediately turned into an out-cry of LP-Haters calling the song and the band 'emo'. As depressing as it sounds, and as petty as it is, the fan base started to slip. Meteora was and IS one of the most incredible CD's released in the world, and listening to it, will never fail to impress you. The final song they released to date is "Numb" bringing their song releases on one CD to 4! Numb, too, was another outcry of 'emo', but fans saw by that, listening to the lyrics, and not the people who hated them.

You will literally find yourself listening to each album so many times you'll learn the lyrics without ever looking them up.

The "unfortunate" next CD to be released was a collaboration with Jay-Z. Because many fans of LP didn't like rap/hip-hop, the collaboration seemed horrific and stupid on the part of the band. Some believed it was a desperation move to regain fans or get money.

The CD (Which remixed the songs: Lying From You/Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Papercut/Big Pimpin', Faint/Jigga What, Numb/Encore, In The End/Izzo, and Points of Authority/99 Problems) was decent to many fans. Some believed it was amazing, others believed it was an utter disaster.

Today, the band is on a bit of a "vacation". Chester is currently working on a side project, but rumor is he is going to hold off on that until the next LP CD is done. Mike Shinoda started the band Fort Minor as a side project, and the CD "The Rising Tied" is yet another amazing job well done, which gained not only much of the LP fan base, but a whole new base of rap/hip-hop supporters!

Their next CD is due...and news on websites is that they're working hard, coming up with bits and pieces for songs and putting them together to come up with a CD that is Linkin Park, and something entirely new. It should be amazing after 3 years of wait. It took two for Meteora, and that was considered very much emo, so LP fans are hoping for a CD that turns EVERYONE'S heads, not just their own.

--(As of July 2006)
Me: I know almost every lyric to every Linkin Park's all Reanimation's fault. Too much rapping to keep up.

Friend: Loser.

{Later that Day}

Me: *mumbling* I can't feel the way I did before...

Friend: *Half paying attention playing games* Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored...

Me: Loser.

Friend: Okay, okay. Linkin Park rules. But Fort Minor still sucks.

Me: *Punch*

Friend: X_X
by KJohn July 04, 2006
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