The new replacement for Horse Power in a vehicle, it combines the engine, looks and cost together to get a random power measurement.
How many Decants does a Bugatti Veyron have? oh about 1,000,000
by Slick007nick May 12, 2008
The act of using a catheter to drain one's bladder of urine, and the replacing it with wine or any other type of beverage. The decanter then serves other people by urinating into their mouths.
Man, that orgy last night had a decanter at it! My girlfriend got served, the lucky bitch.
by Angelus January 27, 2005
To pour wine from incrediply high up; The more extreme form of decanting, often involving portals, strange fluxes in gravity, random chibi-faced onlookers, a *bamph* sound efect, etc.
ZOMG! Decantering from such a hight!!!
by *Flounce* July 28, 2008
When you bang a hot girl and you tell your friends about it and want to play it kind of low key.
Nah, she wasn't that hot...she was just decante.

(Has Spanish origins but is a perversion of the real thing, decente, supposed to be pronounced with a really obnoxious southern accent)
by Heardbub May 11, 2017
A man who uses a catheder to empty his bladder of all urine and replace it with wine. He then urinates the wine into guests glasses.
Last night we hired a human decanter, he was great at the beginning, but near the end of the night I wondered how much wine I was actually drinking.
by Nurse K February 11, 2008
The act of inserting a catheter into the male bladder, draining out the urine then using a large syringe to inject wine back in so that it can be served by a dangling cock. Warning: There is a case report of this procedure causing life threatening septic shock, or "cock shock".
Suzy went to the wine tasting party where a vintage wee wee wine was being served by human wine decanting through enormous cock.
by Señor Cunnilingo January 26, 2021