On a drug like heroine, cocaine, ecstacy. Usually shortened to high. Usually people high up will exagerate emotions, so a small liking, can become love, and a small disapproval, can become total hate/disgust.
A: "Ah, I wuv u!"
B: "Shove off, ur high up."
by Yhtomit December 10, 2006
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"High up your ass" is a term to define person who is too boastful, who thinks he knows everything and is too good for everyone else.
She wont go out with me, she is too high up her ass.

You are so high up your ass if you think you can solve this task alone.
by LordZoltan September 2, 2010
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The opposite of a man on the Down Low. This is a man who has sex with men but identifies with the gay community. He is upfront about his sexual identity to friends, family members, coworkers and his community. He feels strongly part of the great social, political and legal struggle for GLBT equality. He lives on the Up High as part of the struggle to normalize GLBT people for the public and make GLBT communities presence known.
Antoine: Hey, is Tyson on down low?
DeMarco: Fool, what are you talking up about? Tyson marches in the gay pride parade, writes to his Senators about gay stuff AND volunteers at a gay/HIV and AIDS clinic. Tyson's on the Up High!
by Quixotichoya October 19, 2007
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What eventually became "a pie in the sky".
"You want to be president? That's very up high in the sky. Probably won't happen."
by Borgoth January 13, 2016
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When you flash your high-beams at a passing car in order to warn them of (usually hidden) police presence nearby.
Jackie: Why'd that guy flash his high-beams at you?
Zach: He's giving me the high-beam heads-up. The 5-0 must be checking speeds up the street.
by Andy Takai January 9, 2009
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That girl looked like a linebacker, you on that high up hard up, aint you?
by RCCola115 September 20, 2017
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