13 definitions by Zyklon-B

cheap Alcoholic Beverage of low quality ie. Fruity Lexia, Kentucky Gold, Woodstock etc.
by Zyklon-B October 2, 2003
A Beverage comprising of metholated spirits and milk; Usually consumed by australian Aboriginies
by Zyklon-B October 2, 2003
A joke inj a book, movie or television series that is so obscure that only %1 of the audience will get it.
The Wish Upon a Weinstein episode of Family Guy is full of one percenter gags.
by Zyklon-B April 22, 2004
Alcoholic Beverage; 2 buck chuck; bought in a 4 litre cask
by Zyklon-B October 2, 2003
Homosexuial's Foreskin
by Zyklon-B October 2, 2003
Slang for scraps of crack rocks, as an alluson to the dog food. Often as picked out of the carpet.
He was so strung out he was smoking kibbles and bits off the floor, though it was probably drywall.
by Zyklon-B February 14, 2004