A type of bread that is made out of flour and water and is cooked over a camp fire. Damper is typically eaten with jam, marmalade or butter.
Daniella: I hate camping!
Olivia: Eh, the food is not bad.
Leah: Um no, the damper is so good. DAMPER!!
by DamperLover123 June 18, 2017
A word mainly used in Dublin,Ireland to acknowledge that a lady is quite pretty.
"look at the lil damper over there!"

"shes a lil damper!"

i fucked this damper last night"
by spokdckkkkkkkk March 1, 2010
part of a wood oven used to control cooking temperatures
I'm the only man baking jelly who can keep his dampers down
by steve September 5, 2003
when a girl isnt quite wet enough, you like your own fingers inableing them to slide right on in
man..i had to pull out a damper last nite
by evan October 11, 2005
A moist fart that occurs at some point beyond day two of camping. It lingers and adds to the plethora or aromas normally associated with camping and not showering for days. May require a confidence wipe.
After a few days of camping, drinking, and eating hotdogs over the campfire, I let out a camper damper that was so wet it sounded like it was underwater. My crack is like a slip-n-slide. The smell was best described as thick.
by mc? July 3, 2011
to have a depressing, subdued or inhibited impact on
When UNC beat Duke for the Rat's final game in Cameron, it really put a damper on the slurpfest.
by hicountryho March 7, 2022
Me: "Girl, you're moister than an oyster."
Girl: "Ewwww omg, I hate that word!"
Me: "Then you're damper than a pamper."
by Bigge3 July 16, 2017